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inner balance through holistic treatments

face massage
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shoulder massage

Having regular holistic treatments can bring you inner balance by providing a dedicated space and time to completely relax away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. During these treatments you can completely relax your body, encouraging your mind to do the same. You'll go away afterwards feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The available treatments are listed below.

whole body swedish massage - 1 hour

A traditional oil based massage which can be modified to concentrate on the right areas for you, in order to completely relax or revitalise you. Drift off during this treatment in our beautiful treatment room listening to some soothing music or simply enjoy the silence.

back, neck & shoulder massage - 35 minutes

An oil based massage designed to tackle those areas of tightness and tension on the back, neck and shoulders. This deep tissue massage helps to breakdown areas of muscular tension, leaving you feeling uplifted and looser around the shoulder area.

face, neck & shoulder massage - 35 minutes

A deeply soothing treatment designed to promote relaxation and improve the texture of the face and neck. Heavenly!

See the price list and contact me for details or to book treatments.